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Design Industry has changed its way of working.! Quicker!! Faasssster!!!

In the Past decade, things have changed drastically - the way we communicate with each other, the way we shop with ecommerce websites and the way we learn. Everything is now at the tip of the finger and quick. With the mobile technology and its increasing reach with higher bandwith, there is a constant need of providing more and more services in short span. Marketing also changed from traditional marketing to viral marketing using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

With that, the design industry has changed its way of working. We are now very much familiar with websites such as Thickstock, gettyimages and iconfinder, which provide icons, illustrations and images that are ready to use without bothering about copyright if you have subscription. 

The following are some sources that can help you deliver your ideas quicker and faster!

Video is the #1 marketing tool, is proven to increase the speed of learning and is used by over 80% of compa…

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